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Strange, unearthly island, jutting out like a stone blade from the South Pacific?


Giant insects thought to be long extinct?


Courageous scientists risking life and limb to discover their secrets and reintroduce them to the populated world?


I think we all know how this is going to turn out.


By all means, check out this story from NPR about how the “tree lobster”, long thought extinct, was found to be thriving in the most unlikely of places. The science nerd in me loves the story, and the gamer geek in me sees many possibilities.

Currently I’m leaning towards the rats of Lord Howe Island catching wind of the plan to reintroduce their vanquished foes, leading to their attempts to sabotage the human scientists’ plans. Even if they have to risk revealing their uplifted intelligence to do it.


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Save us, Space Bear!

This is another one of those wonderful, “What the heck is going on,” sci-fi images. It’s made even better because the look on Space Bear’s face is just as amazed and confused.

We’ve got aborigines, we’ve got what may be a post-apocalyptic ruin in the background, and we’ve got aliens. Why are the flying saucers shooting at the one on the ground? Did Space Bear escape some fiendish alien base by stealing it? Is Space Bear a mutant? An uplift?

This looks like a job for Mutant Futures! Or perhaps Justifiers? It could be a Beta.

Space Bear

Image found on the Infinite Machine Tumblr

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Trying Too Hard

I follow several Tumblr pages devoted to fantasy artwork, especially those of the Old School variety.

One of my favorites is Meanwhile, Back in the Dungeon, which features images both sublime and silly.

This would be of the latter type:


I adore this image. Fantasy artwork is known for being over-the-top and it can be hard to tell where the line is between “awesome” and “trying too hard”. I’m not sure where that line is, but I am sure that this… cattaur? It’s definitely well past that line.

At the same time the swordswoman is far better attired than the norm for fantasy artwork. She’s reasonably armed, posed, and dressed, which somehow makes the overall image even more strange.

This screams “80’s paperback cover”. Does anyone know what it is from?


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