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This is a Real Thing?

Redemption! The collectable card game of biblical battles.

“Redemption┬« is a collectible trading card game of biblical adventure. Players use Heroes to rescue Lost Souls, overcoming any Evil Characters that oppose them.”

Redemption Game Website

Christian themed games are nothing new in the gaming industry. Usually they’re pretty lousy but sometimes they have clever ideas, like the fantasy role playing game DragonRaid where characters read bible verses to invoke divine powers. I think that idea is cool and I’m far from being religious.

So finding a Christian collectable card game, let alone one in its 4th edition, isn’t surprising at all. What is surprising is the artwork:

90’s Style God will redeem you, WITH HIS FIST!

Did they get Rob Liefeld to do the artwork? Christian theology says man was created in God’s image. If this cover represents God, then something got lost in the process and I think we’re better off. I kind of like having a ribcage.

I do find some amusement in agents of the divine will competing to see how many souls they can save. “Hah! In your face Gabriel!”

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