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Oblivion Maps

Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion may be the only entry in the Elder Scrolls series that I have played, but I have played the heck out of it.

I purchased it on sale from Steam when it was quite an old game and it may be the best bang for my buck of all the video games I’ve owned.  Why I love Oblivion could be a post of its own, but suffice to say that I hold this game up to the same level as the Ultima games.

One thing I particularly like is that the world is filled with small to medium sized dungeons.  They’re everywhere, each is unique, and many have a specific flavor to them.  They’re perfect if you want to just dive into a dungeon and go delving, putting whatever quests you have on hold for a while.

The dungeons come in four flavors.  The first are mines, which are often goblin lairs.  The second are caves, which are similar to mines and are often bandit lairs.  Next are ruined forts, which may be home to goblins, bandits, undead, or other forces.  The last are the ruins of ayleid cities, the ayleid being the ancient race that ruled in the distant past.  Undead or demons tend to haunt the ayleid ruins.

These dungeons have a nice variation to them.  The creatures are not randomly generated, but specifically placed in each site.  They may scale based on character level, replacing skeletons with specters or raising the level of bandits for example, but it stays true to the theme.  There are traps that a cautious player can spot and avoid.  And of course, there is treasure to be had.  The level design is mostly linear, but they do a decent job of hiding the rails by giving you one or two paths and a few side branches to explore.  Just the thing for a quick dungeon crawl fix.

Which makes them handy for your table top game too.  If you want to throw in a short side encounter with a ruined fort or cultist-filled mine, the maps from Oblivion are just the ticket.  Thanks to the Unofficial Elder Scrolls wiki site, you can find maps for them all online.

Here is the master list of Oblivion Places.  Scroll down to find maps for all the dungeons, broken out by type.  You can also find city maps here too.

The maps from Oblivion are another tool in a DM’s arsenal for quick adventure generation.

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Favorite Elemental or Plant

Continuing the 30 Day D&D Challenge!

Today’s question:

19. What is your Favorite Elemental or Plant?

I’ve got nothing.  I like elementals as a class of creature.  I love wizards summoning them up and sending them into battle, or to rampage through cities causing wanton destruction.  The elemental lords of the Fiend Folio are great ideas too, but it’s the concept of elementals that I like and not any specific one.

I feel the same way about plants.  There are some fun plant monsters out there but none I have a special affinity for.  The closest would be the pilfer vine, which came from an issue of Dragon magazine.  The pilfer vine is a nuisance creature, a plant that picks adventurers’ pockets instead of directly attacking them.  They will attack if discovered but their main use is as a trick to confound a party.  But creatures like this should be used sparingly, both because once the surprise is revealed your players will be on their guard and because if you use tricks like this too often all you’ll do is make your players angry.

It’s like the gremlins from the early Ultima computer games who kept stealing your food.  Once in a while was atmosphere.  Every time you went into a dungeon just ticked you off.

So the answer to today’s question is, “None of the Above”.

This is what happens when druids get stoned.

This is what happens when druids get stoned.
Also, 9 HD?



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