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King Tutankhamun’s Cosmic Amulet

“There are those who believe that life here began out there, far across the universe, with tribes of humans who may have been the forefathers of the Egyptians…”

-Battlestar Galactica

Here’s a fascinating article from Popular Archaeology regarding the brooch of King Tutankhamun.  This reads like the beginning of a fantastic piece of fiction.  It could be the plot of a show like Battlestar Galactica or Stargate.  It could be the origin story for a comic book character like Vandal Savage, the Sphinx, or the Living Monolith.  It could be an adventure seed for your next campaign.

All it really needs is artwork by Jack Kirby.

“Most have heard of the treasures of the 18th Dynasty pharaoh Tutankhamun, first discovered by Howard Carter and Lord Carnarvon in 1922 when they uncovered his tomb in the Valley of the Kings in Egypt. Few are familiar with his impeccably preserved brooch, recovered along with the numerous other artifacts within the tomb. Fewer still know about the striking yellow-brown scarab that is set at its center, and that it is made of a yellow silica glass stone procured from the sand of the Sahara and then shaped and polished by ancient craftsmen. The silica glass was originally formed 28 million years ago, when an ancient comet entered the earth’s atmosphere and exploded over Egypt, heating up the sand beneath it to a temperature of about 2,000 degrees Celsius and resulting in the formation of a huge amount of the yellow silica glass, which lies scattered over a 6,000 square kilometer area in the Sahara.”

Even more remarkable is that the amulet and its history isn’t the coolest part of the story!

“At the center of it all is a mysterious black pebble found years ago by an Egyptian geologist in the area of the silica glass. After conducting highly sophisticated chemical analyses on this pebble, Professor Jan Kramers of the University of Johannesburg and a team of colleagues came to the inescapable conclusion that it represented the very first known hand specimen of a comet nucleus, rather than simply an unusual type of meteorite.”

Read the full story here, and let me know if you use any of it in your games!KingTutAmulet


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