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Well, here’s my latest light reading.

As I’ve come to expect from Goodman Games, this is a beautiful book. The cover is lovely, the binding is excellent, and the contents are well restored. It’s a wonderful collection of all the old Grimtooth’s Traps books, including a variety of new material and interviews.

If you’re not familiar, back in the 80’s and early 90’s there was a series of books collecting some of the most diabolical and completely unfair traps ever designed. These were rules agnostic monstrosities that would make Tomb of Horrors traps look like amateur designs.

Truth be told, for the most part they aren’t anything I would use in my dungeon design. Most are too “funhouse” for me, but the pleasure is in the reading. These books are fun.

And if my players were afraid I might actually use them? Well, that was fun too.

Now the entire series is available in an outstanding Goodman Games omnibus edition. The Kickstarter backers are receiving their copies now, so they should be available for retail purchase soon. Keep an eye on the Goodman Games website.


You know, I could adapt these for a superhero game. Something involving Arcade’s Murderworld from Marvel Comics. Hmm…


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Grimtooth’s Kickstarter is Live

The Grimtooth’s Ultimate Trap Collection Kickstarter campaign is live!

“A 460-page hardcover compilation of all 5 Grimtooth’s volumes & loads of extras! 500+ systems-neutral traps & DCC crossover module! ”

Grimtooth Kickstarter

I talked about my excitement for this project here, and was fortunate to receive some more info from the book’s artist here.

The idea of a DCC module tied to this project is also both exciting and terrifying. This could potentially be a Tomb of Horrors level character grinder.

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Updated info on Grimtooth’s Trap Collection

Greetings Programs!

S.S. Crompton, the artist from the Grimtooth’s Trap books, stumbled across the belfry and my earlier post about how Goodman Games will be releasing a complete Grimtooth’s omnibus. He was kind enough to provide the following update:

“Hi I’m the Traps artist (and partial designer) SS Crompton. It’s early December now and I can tell you that all of the original art has been scanned in and that all of the new art and text for Grimtooth’s Ultimate Traps Collection has been finished. I know it has, because I’m the one who did it all. Soon Goodman Games will be announcing the Kickstarter for this. I can tell you that the book will come in 3 versions, a paperback, a hard cover and a leatherette embossed book in a slipcase, so you’ll be able to get this book in the way that best suits your budget. Once the Kickstarter is announced, I’ll try to come back here and post an update. In the meantime, start saving your extra cash – you’ll want one of these – Its a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity…”

Great news and I’m looking forward to seeing the Kickstarter announcement.

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Grimtooth’s Ultimate Trap Collection

Via the Realms of Chirak blog I learned that Goodman Games and Flying Buffalo have joined forces to release an omnibus hardcover edition of the Grimtooth’s Traps series.

“This 500-page book presents the material in its original, classic form. No updates, no rules revisions, no changes, and nothing to disrupt the entertaining formula that has led the Grimtooth’s line to sell more than 250,000 copies since 1981.”

Goodman Games Press Release

I especially like that they are presenting the books in their original system-agnostic format. Grimtooth’s books have always been about the concepts and adding game statistics just clutters up the book.

Truth be told, I almost never used the material in these books. I may be an evil DM but I do have my limits. The joy of these books is largely in the reading, though there are definitely ideas to be lifted from them.

Although I did use a few traps as-listed. Such as the fake giant spider trap, where the web is composed of fuses leading to powder kegs hidden in the walls. And the Greek fire enclosed in wax bladders attached to the ceiling, where torches can melt the wax and ignite the liquid.

No pricing information is available yet, but this is a book I look forward to seeing.

Also, make sure to watch the video at the Goodman Games page, where they talk about reprinting a lot of classic Judges’ Guild material.



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The Not-Trap

The discussion of traps and puzzles reminded me of an insidious thing I once heard of a Dungeon Master doing.

Upon opening the door the characters find a 20’x20′ room.  The room is completely bare of any ornamentation and the only thing in it is a polished, finely crafted sword laying unsheathed in the center of the room.

There is no trap.

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Favorite Trap or Puzzle

Lucky 13 of the 30 Day D&D Challenge!

Today’s question:

13. What is your Favorite Trap or Puzzle?

No specific trap or puzzle stands out for me.  When I was younger I went through a Raiders of the Lost Ark phase and came up with several variations on the rolling boulder trap, but I wouldn’t pick any one of them as a favorite.  The same is true of Glyphs or mechanical traps, I like them but don’t have a favorite.

Puzzles have always been something I’ve used sparingly and cautiously.  I like the idea of having the players solve problems with their own cunning but I’m always leery of what to do when someone says, “I have a 17 wisdom, what does my character think the answer is?”  Part of the fun of role playing games is that your characters can do things you can’t.  If you’ve got an 18 strength you can force a door, an 18 dexterity should let you parkour over the rooftops.  It feels out of place to not let a high wisdom or intelligence score contribute to solving a puzzle.

The closest I have to a favorite would be a trap that once sprung isn’t apparent to the victim, something they have to figure out.  This could be a slow acting poison or hallucinogenic drug.  Magic curses or cursed items are also good for this.  Things that cause the player to gradually realize that something isn’t right and that they should figure it out while they still have time.


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