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Super Hot, now even Hotter!

Remember the tech demo for Super Hot?

I missed seeing that they’d launched a Kickstarter for a full blown game. However, plenty of people were more attentive and they nailed their goal in less than a day! It’s all stretch goals from here.

Congratulations to them and I’m looking forward to seeing the final product. It’s great to see something unique coming to the shooter genre.

“SUPERHOT is a unique, stylized FPS game where the time moves only when you move. With this simple mechanic we’ve been able to create gameplay that’s not all about reflexes – the player’s main weapon is careful aiming and smart planning – while not compromising on the dynamic feeling of the game.”

“You’re not hiding behind cover – you’re dodging bullets flying past you like in The Matrix. You’re not waiting to reload a gun – you’re picking the next firearm from the hands of your fallen foes. You’re not waiting until your wounds heal – in SUPERHOT a single bullet means death. However, there are no reload screens – you’re instantly back in the middle of the action. “

Oh, one more thing while I’m thinking about it…

Holy chrome! You get to cut bullets in half with a sword?!


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