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Day 12, Favorite Dungeon Type/Location

Day 12 of the 30 Day Challenge!

Today’s question:

12. What is your Favorite Dungeon Type or Location?

Nothing catches my imagination more than a good lost city, preferably of the underground type.  I love the archetypal dwarven realm, twisting deep into the bones of the earth.  I love the cliche of digging too deep and unleashing forgotten horrors, or tampering with secrets mortals were not meant to know.

Tolkien was a master of great and deep realms.  I wanted to hear more about what the Fellowship found while traveling through Moria.  I wanted to read about it’s fall to the balrog and of the last stand of Balin when he attempted to restore the kingdom.  Tolkien’s elves were no slackers when it came to underground cities and the fall of Nargothrond to the dragon Glaurung.  Beren’s quest into the pits of Angband is another of my favorites.

For non-Tolkien stories, the twisting chambers beneath Castle Amber from the Nine Princes in Amber series was another of my favorites, with the chamber holding the Great Pattern and Corwin’s cell with Dwarkin’s paintings, to the hints of other mysteries down its dark corridors.  And no discussion of lost cities is complete without mentioning the Conan story Red Nails.

It’s no wonder that a game named Dungeons & Dragons had such an easy time capturing my imagination.

Derinkuyu, a real-world city deep beneath the surface.


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