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Underworld Kingdom came up with the beautiful idea of using circuit boards as maps for science fiction games.  Go check it out, he’s got an example key for the city districts in his post.

I love this idea.  It makes me want to run a game based on Tron or ReBoot.

This is a delightfully creative concept, just the right kind of off-the-wall for a fun game.  Have you come across any unusual mapping ideas?  If so, please share.

The author of Underworld Kingdom is the creator of Terminal Space and Bandits & Battlecruisers.  The first is a free mashup game of classic D&D, space opera, and Lovecraftian horror.  The second is an inexpensive D&D pulp sci-fi game.  I’ve talked about both a few times here in the belfry.

Give his site a look, it’s good fun.

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