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Fat Dragon Games – Sale

Fat Dragon Games has kicked off their GM’s Day Sale early!

I do not use a lot of terrain in my games. We usually play without miniatures or I use my trusty old Battlemat. However, when I have used terrain it’s been from Fat Dragon. These people use the full potential of .PDF files for papercrafting.

The artwork is great, the designs are excellent, the instructions are clear, and they use layers to let you increase the visual variety. I’ve built a few of their sets and when I wanted to create a city for my Car Wars game, picking Fat Dragon’s products was a no-brainer.

Until March 1st their entire catalog is 50% off, so if you’re looking to get some quality papercraft terrain for your games, this is a good time to make the jump and give Fat Dragon a try.


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Wandering Thoughts Table – November Projects

1. Technical Difficulties – I have had several friends do NaNoWriMo over the years. I have not and won’t be this year, but I do feel like I need a project.

And, more importantly, a deadline. This Bat does a poor job of finishing things without a deadline.

To that end, I’ve decided my goal is to finally get my scanner figured out and get some of my maps into digital form. Maybe actually start putting together a couple adventures for download, possibly making my own contribution to the One Page Dungeon format I discussed in my previous post. We’ll see, but figuring out how to scan and clean the maps up to my satisfaction is the first step.

2. Nose in a Book – Another thing I want to do is to get some post ideas off the back burner and onto the blog. To do that I need to get some more reading done, not a task I’m averse to doing but I need to organize my time better. Fortunately this month looks to be a lot slower than previous ones and I should have more time. Also we have a family vacation coming up and I always catch up on a lot of reading on this trip.

3. Facetime – My G+ gaming has been going well this year and that’s been great, but our group’s face-to-face games have been few and far between. I would love to get a game in this month. I’m not too picky about what, but I’m leaning towards another Top Secret S/I game. For this the family vacation is working against me, so we’ll see what happens.

4. Construction Ahead – One other gaming related thing, after the success of running Car Wars with Matchbox cars and a papercraft city, I’ve decided to pull out another old game and see what I can do with it. This is a western gunfighter skirmish game called Desperado. I have a bunch of western-themed lead minis, but none are painted. However I also have some good paper minis from Okumarts Games that will print out nicely on card stock. I just need to find some suitable buildings. Unfortunately Fat Dragon doesn’t have anything in a western theme. I do have some old Microtactix sets from way back, their Vulture Gulch series. They’re pretty cool, but in black-and-white. Not the end of the world and I’m sure I can color them in if I really want to. I also have some flat floorplans that might suffice.

So those are my ambitions for November. Any gaming projects you’re working on?



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