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C.S. Lewis as a DM

For bedtime my family has been reading through the Chronicles of Narnia and we’re currently on Book 6, The Magician’s Nephew*. It’s been a lot of fun rediscovering these stories with my kids and this is one of the books I don’t remember very well.

Last night we came across a passage that made me realize what a great dungeon master C.S. Lewis would have been. The children, Digory and Polly, have come to a room filled with people, or excellent simulacrums of them, dressed as royalty and sitting in chairs. In the room is a low stone pillar with enchanted writing carved in it. Sitting on top is a small golden bell and hammer. The inscription reads:

“Make your choice, adventurous Stranger:

Strike the bell and bide the danger,

Or wonder, till it drives you mad,

What would have followed if you had.”

The Magician’s Nephew, Pg. 50

Beautifully insidious. Really, for any adventuring party worth its salt, you don’t even need an enchantment to compel and torment the players. Their imaginations will do all the work.

“‘Oh but don’t you see it’s no good!’ said Digory. ‘We can’t get out of it now. We shall always be wondering what would have happened if we had struck the bell. I’m not going home to be driven mad by always thinking of that. No fear!'”

The Magician’s Nephew, Pg. 50

The best part is that my children recognized the trap immediately, and loved it. Especially my daughter, who is now gaming with us in my Stonehell Dungeon campaign.


*We are of course reading it in the classic order, not the heretical “chronological” order that they’re published in today. Such blasphemy.

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