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Bedtime Stories

Reading bedtime stories is a nightly ritual in our home.

The particulars have changed over the years.  We’ve done everything from short stories like Dr. Seuss to longer works like Coraline and The Hobbit.  We’ve also done a fair amount of non-fiction, like books about science and history facts.  Now that the kids are getting older they read voraciously on their own, so for bedtime they like it when I make up stories on the spot, usually about their superhero alter egos.  They’re fun, quick, and extremely silly.

But sometimes my brain is too tired to come up with an adventure on the spot, so what’s a tired storyteller/dungeon master supposed to do?

Reach for The Dungeon Alphabet of course!

For the last couple of nights I’ve had the kids pick a letter.  Then I read the entry from The Dungeon Alphabet in my best spooky voice.  Then the kids each get to pick a number and I read the result from the table.  They’ve been having a great time with it.

The Dungeon Alphabet, perfect for any quest!  Even the quest for bedtime.


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