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Wandering Thoughts

Stonehell Dungeon: Let’s get the most important thing out of the way first; Over on Facebook Michael Curtis has been teasing Stonehell Dungeon 2! I cannot tell you how excited I am about this! Curtis has been very busy and he never did give a date for when he’d release the rest of Stonehell, so I’ve been waiting (mostly) patiently for him to get around to it. But today he posted pictures of the index and table of contents. I love megadungeons and of all the ones I own I like Stonehell the best. This is great news.

Mekton Zero: On the other end of the spectrum, there still doesn’t appear to be any movement on the Mekton Zero Kickstarter. I love R. Talsorian games and I love Mekton. Mekton Zeta is a fantastic game. Further, I have never had anything but great customer service from R. Talsorian.

Until now. Over a year late and almost no official updates have been put out since 2014. To get information we’ve had to wait and get it through the Comments or Facebook pages from a long-suffering Talsorian insider, who tried his best but also seemed mostly in the dark about the status. Now even he has bailed from being the project’s voice.

My deep reserves of goodwill have run dry. I still love R. Talsorian’s existing library, but I won’t back any further projects they use Kickstarter for. Further, I hate to say it, but I no longer trust what they have to say. I know they’re a small outfit, but there’s no excuse for cutting off official lines of communication like this. We shouldn’t have to glean scraps of dubious information from unofficial sources.

One Bookshelf: I usually don’t comment on the drama, but this one just annoys me. A jackhole abuses the system One Bookshelf has had in place for the benefit of their publishers. The company’s initial response to people upset about the product is poor. They come back with a reasonable response and an Objectionable Content policy that looks pretty good to me. Now other people are angry over what this might mean and what One Bookshelf might do in the future. *sigh* Everyone go roll some dice, the show is already over.

Sales!: Speaking of such things, there are a few notable sales going on. Over at Drive Thru RPG/RPG Now they have a sale on a number of good Savage World products. I recommend Thrilling Tales 2nd Edition, which is a whopping 40% off. These deals are good until 9/15/2015.

Meanwhile, over on Warehouse 23, they have a 25% off sale on all products by Ken Hite and/or Robin Laws. This sale goes until 9/9/2015.


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Dwimmermount, Complete At Last!


After being two years late, after the first copy arrived damaged, I finally have a pristine copy of Dwimmermount in my hands!


I really wondered if I’d ever see the day. And look at that beautifully not-ripped spine!


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Baby Bestiary

The Infinite Machine Tumblr is one of my favorites for fantasy and science fiction artwork and one of the latest posts clued me in to a fun Kickstarter.

Andreas Walters is running the campaign to create The Baby Bestiary, a collection of artwork depicting various iconic Dungeons & Dragons monsters in their infancy.

“Every beast has an infancy stage, why not add some kittens, cubs and hatchlings to your game with these adorable monsters.”

-The Baby Bestiary Kickstarter

Items available include the book, post cards, calendars, and .PDFs. Less than two days remain for the campaign but they’ve already hit almost three times their goal. Good for them. It looks like a fun project.

My personal favorite is the baby Gelatinous Cube.

They grow up so fast!

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Mech Maker Update

A while back I posted about the Kickstarter project for Mech Maker, a service that would allow customers to design custom miniatures and have them 3D printed. The figures could be shipped to the customer or printed locally if an appropriate printer was available.

At the time I was very excited about the concept and technology involved, but had some reservations about the business model. Not that it was a bad model, but that it wasn’t right for me. You can read my thoughts here.

I checked in on the project and it turns out that they cancelled the campaign back in mid-May.

“I want you all to know Mech Maker will be back soon and IMAGIMOD is absolutely NOT going away. You’ve given us great feedback, so we’re going to rework the Kickstarter and relaunch it again in a few weeks. Primarily, we’re going to make it a lot easier for you to get an idea of the cost of Mech Making and will show in more detail what you can do for yourself or have professionally printed.”

-Developers’ Update

While I am sorry to see it didn’t work out, I am glad to see that they are regrouping and adjusting their strategy. The project is ambitious and I’m glad to see they’re willing to take the time to present the best possible campaign.

Best of luck to the developers. I will continue to keep an eye on their progress.


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Mech Maker

Here comes another Kickstarter project just brimming with geekish goodness!

I learned of this one via the Geek Dad blog.

Mech Maker is the kind of project that I can almost get excited about. Their service will allow you to design your own custom mech figures using their software. You’ll be able to mix and match parts from a wide array of components, customize the color scheme to your liking, and then pose the figure the way you want it. Then they will 3D print your figures and mail them to you, or if you have access to a 3D printer you can download the file and print it yourself.

This… is… AWESOME!

I am a total mecha-head. A Protoculture addict. A Gundam goon. A Battletech… something pithy. The idea of printing my own army of mecha makes me a very happy geek.

So why do I say that I am “almost” excited about the project?

For a variety of reasons. First, quite honestly I’ve blown my Kickstarter budget for the time being. I went big on Sentinels Tactics and that’s bled my discretionary funds dry.

I regret nothing!

There are also some aspects of the project that give me pause. Nothing that I think should sink the project, but things that don’t jibe with my style.

For instance, you acquire design parts by purchasing component packs.

“When you open a pack, you will find an assortment of mech parts and patterns. If you love an item that is locked and can’t wait to get it in a pack, you can buy it outright! Or if you have plenty of parts you don’t use, you can recycle them to put towards new purchases! Each recycled component will give you points depending on the rarity.”

Ugh. The blind buy model. I do not like the blind buy model one bit. I understanding why people love it, but it is not for me. It’s why I never got into Magic: The Gathering, Hero Clix, or Monsterpocalypse. Though I have been sorely tempted to break my rule in the last case, because a miniatures game about kaiju is about as awesome as it gets.

To their credit, the developers know that not everyone is a fan of blind buy packs and have provided an alternative. You can buy specific parts or trade in unwanted parts for credits. Good ideas, but it’s still too fiddly for my tastes. They are using gamification for something I want to be utilitarian. I have no problem with buying expansion packs to get the designs I want, but I want that process to be simple. I don’t have to be concerned about how much it costs to buy a part outright vs taking my chances with a blind buy or fiddling with trade ins.

The other thing that gives me pause is that there is no pricing information available yet. We don’t know how much it costs to buy packs, individual parts, printing rates, or shipping. Without knowing these things I’m not ready to plunk down money for a service I might not be able to afford later.

Now, let me be clear, I do not think this is a problem with the campaign. I firmly believe that Kickstarter is an investment service where I use my money to help bring cool products to market and not just a pre-order storefront. I understand if they don’t want to commit to a rate sheet at this stage in the project’s development, especially regarding shipping costs. The model is understandable, it just isn’t right for me.

However, the idea that technology allows for this service has me extremely excited. Plus this is only the tip of the iceberg. If Mech Maker takes off, then additional parts can easily be introduced into their library and I imagine that terrain pieces will not be far behind. Eventually we could see a diverse range of figures being offered, from WWII tanks to starships, allowing Mech Maker to satisfy all your miniature needs.

Another smart move the developers are making is to try and build a gaming community around their service.

“When you’re ready, the tools will be there for you to design your own game. Upload to our website and share among your friends, play-test, and when you feel like the world needs to play your game, make it public.”

I will be watching the story of Mech Maker to see how things go. The possibilities are very exciting. And hey, if you decide to back it, drop me a note and let me know.



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New Sentinels of the Multiverse Game!

The Multiverse expands once again as Greater Than Games brings us their latest Kickstarter project, Sentinel Tactics: The Flame of Freedom!

Greater Than Games is the company behind the Sentinels of the Multiverse co-operative card game of superhero action. Sentinels is a fantastic game, by far the best tabletop superhero game I’ve ever played, and worthy of its own review (next week, I’ll get to it next week). The quick summary is that each player gets a hero who has their own deck of powers and actions. You select a villain and an environment, each of which also have decks, and engage in fast-and-furious superheroics. The game world has also developed its own story with each expansion evolving the heroes, adding new characters, and revealing a bit more of the Sentinels lore. The characters and their story add to the draw of an already engaging game.

If you are a fan of the superhero genre you owe it to yourself to check this game out. Be warned, once you try it you will be compelled to buy all the expansions, but it’s okay because they’re all awesome.

Now the folks at Greater Than Games are taking the Sentinels line in a new direction. Sentinel Tactics takes the heroes and villains from the card game and puts them into a hex-grid battle game with maps you construct and finely sculpted miniatures to play with. Another departure from the established Sentinels gaming style is that players face off against each other, letting players take on the role of villains as well as heroes.

“Out of the box, the game is balanced for teams comprising any heroes and/or villains in head-to-head skirmish combat. Additionally, Sentinel Tactics: The Flame of Freedom includes a scenario book which tells the comic book stories and lets you play out the heroes’ battles with the dastardly villains! In these scenarios, the villain player has access to additional scenario powers, rules, and minions that allow them to take on an entire team of heroes!”

The sculpts for the the miniatures look excellent and I cannot stress enough how much I love that it’s not a collectible game. Expansions are fine, collectible games are… iffy. Blind buy collectible games are horrible abominations that have no business on my gaming table. Even a game that seems tailor-made for me will not see a penny from my pocket if they use a blind buy model.

I’m looking at you Monsterpocalypse. Don’t give me those sad kaiju eyes, I will not buy you.

Greater Than Games also has a stellar track record with Kickstarters, a rare and valuable thing in the gaming industry, and it shows in the support they are receiving from their fans. Three days into the game and they’re already 2 1/2 times over their funding goal.

I love Sentinels of the Multiverse. I love light hex-grid combat games. Bringing the two together guarantees that I’m in for the long haul.

The only question left is what level I’m buying in at.



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Kung Fury

The most excellent Exonauts blog has shown me the most awesome awesomeness of awesome, the trailer for Kung Fury!

This may be the most important Kickstarter project ever.

Hardboiled1I give it the Tequila Seal of Approval!

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