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Quite a while ago I blogged about the tech demo for an iPad game called Framed.

The game did release but it wasn’t until recently that I picked it up. I am pleased to say that it lives up to all my hopes from the tech demo.

Framed puts you in control of a series of comic panel frames, where you help a noir story play out by moving the panels around to help the spies evade the police. For example, the default panels will have the spy run into a guard, but by changing the order or orientation of things the spy instead comes up behind the guards and knocks him out.

The story is told through the action, as you help the male spy escape with a briefcase, until eventually the female spy steals it from him and you switch to her. This goes back and forth for a while and all the time you are pursued by the mysterious inspector. The artwork is done in an evocative shadow puppet style, which is something I always enjoy, and the animation is crisp. The music adds to the ambiance and the story is clever and witty.

Best of all the interface is innovative. One of my complaints with iOS games is how few of them are designed specifically to take advantage of a touch screen to do something unique, something you can’t do on a PC or game console. Framed does this in spades.

Framed is $4.99 on iTunes.


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Bundle of Holding

This doesn’t happen very often.

Old School is not the only kind of gaming going through a Renaissance. Print on demand and the PDF market have been a big boon to indie-games of all stripes. I read a lot of gaming blogs of all different stripes and there are tons of games out there that I’ve heard about but have never entered my realm to play.

I’m also a big fan of the Bundle of Holding. If you’re not familiar, this is a site that offers .pdf copies of game books at a steep discount for a limited period of time. If you opt to pay over a certain additional threshold, which is set based on average payments by other customers, you will get bonus e-books. The Bundle of Holding is a great way to dip into a game system you’re curious about for substantially less than you’d otherwise pay.

Best of all a percentage of each purchase goes to charity. Yeah, the Bundle of Holding is a cool thing.

Back to discussing indie games, I’m well aware that there are games out there that I haven’t heard of, but when I checked the new Bundle offerings I got a big surprise. They have a total of eight books, all horror themed RPG’s, and I have never heard of any of them. It looks like seven of them are complete RPG’s while the last is a campaign setting.

Seven horror games that I’ve never heard of? That’s highly unusual.

They look to all be story games, not normally my thing but often fun to read and mine. The offering is up for another five days and right now you can get it all for under $25, or just the core offering for $12.95. If you’re into story-based horror games, or just looking for something new to read, give it a look.

Or check back in six days and see what the next offering is.

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I am not a big fan of puzzle games.

However I am a fan of sequential art, noir style, and imaginative game design, all of which show up in the tech demo for Framed, an upcoming game by Loveshack Entertainment.

The idea of the game is that you are presented with a series of panels.  Your protagonist is shown running through them like a comicbook character brought to life, but something happens to him before he reaches the end.  From the demo I’m guessing that this will usually be a horrible demise.

Then the player is given the opportunity to re-arrange the panels, so that when the protagonist runs through the page again he is able to turn the tables on his enemy or avoid whatever obstacle stopped him before.

I love the art style they’re using here.  I’m a sucker for the shadow-puppet characters and the watercolor look of the backgrounds sets it off nicely.  This game is just beautifully designed to take advantage of the iPad’s touch screen, but they’re not stopping there and the game will also be release for PC and Mac.  Throw in a good soundtrack and this game will be a winner.

I love to see innovative designs like this and look forward to seeing more indie-gems turn up.  Keep your eye on this one!


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