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Bedroom Wall Press Goes Free

John Berry, who writes the Bedroom Wall Press blog and such games as Hulks & Horrors has made a big announcement:

“Starting today, Bedroom Wall Press products are free and open source products.”

-Bedroom Wall Press, July 12th

Bedroom Wall Press is the archetypical small press OSR publisher, it’s a writer who loves gaming, particularly old school, and wants to get his product out into the world. To further that goal he is making the .pdf versions of his books free. Fans can still buy physical copies as well. Berry has also released his products under the Open Game License, which means that other publishers can now release material for his games.

Go read the post. His words are better than mine and he talks about the thought processes that went into this decision. It’s a neat thing to read and you can find it right over here.

Bedroom Wall Press has four books available. Hulks & Horrors is a science fiction game based on original Dungeons & Dragons. Heaven’s Shadow is a game of angelic assassins. Arcana Rising is an urban fantasy game and Welcome to Neuro City is the cyberpunk expansion for it.

I have a pdf copy of Hulks & Horrors and while I haven’t run it, I have mined it for ideas to use in my Stars Without Number game. I haven’t looked at the other books yet, as Urban Fantasy isn’t my thing right now. However, now that they’re free, I’ll be checking them out.


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