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The Ghost of GLaDOS!

A group of ghost hunters has been researching the basement of an old building.  Part of their research has been to set up a chalk board in the basement, leave it alone, and see what messages the ghosts have written on the chalkboard.

After all, no human being would ever break into an abandoned building and write on a chalk board.

Take a look at this video from the local news station, who were hard up for a Halloween fluff piece.  Jump ahead to about 2:25 seconds and check out the cryptic message left by the spirits.  Thankfully the ghost hunters have been able to discern its mysterious meaning.


This gives new meaning to the term “ghost in the machine”.  Or, I guess it would be “ghost of the machine”.

Still, this could make for an interesting adventure.  A group of local ghost hunters, woefully lacking an understanding of pop-culture and the habits of teenagers, have been the source of amusement around the town for a few months.  However amusement fades as teenagers begin disappearing. 

Suspicion falls on the ghost hunters, who claim that the real culprits are evil spirits that are growing in power.  They point to their grainy footage and records of electromagnetic disturbances as evidence, which doesn’t help their case with the authorities but does strike a cord with other paranormal investigators who begin flocking to the town in droves. 

The disappearances and electrical disturbances continue to happen as the investigators have to navigate through a carnival of ghost hunters, psychics, UFOlogists, and other paranormal investigators who are constantly getting in the way. 

Meanwhile, in a forgotten military bunker beneath the town, a recently re-awakened experimental AI continues to kidnap subjects for its insane experiments.  Will the investigators be able to uncover the true threat in time?


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