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Super Hot, now even Hotter!

Remember the tech demo for Super Hot?

I missed seeing that they’d launched a Kickstarter for a full blown game. However, plenty of people were more attentive and they nailed their goal in less than a day! It’s all stretch goals from here.

Congratulations to them and I’m looking forward to seeing the final product. It’s great to see something unique coming to the shooter genre.

“SUPERHOT is a unique, stylized FPS game where the time moves only when you move. With this simple mechanic we’ve been able to create gameplay that’s not all about reflexes – the player’s main weapon is careful aiming and smart planning – while not compromising on the dynamic feeling of the game.”

“You’re not hiding behind cover – you’re dodging bullets flying past you like in The Matrix. You’re not waiting to reload a gun – you’re picking the next firearm from the hands of your fallen foes. You’re not waiting until your wounds heal – in SUPERHOT a single bullet means death. However, there are no reload screens – you’re instantly back in the middle of the action. “

Oh, one more thing while I’m thinking about it…

Holy chrome! You get to cut bullets in half with a sword?!


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Super Hot

Every now and then someone comes along and tries to do something new with the first person shooter genre.

Super Hot appears to be such a game.  Or at least the tech demo for one.

The game takes you through a series of levels where, “time only moves when you move.”  To be more accurate, time moves really darn slowly because despite what the game’s tagline says bullets do still move when you’re holding absolutely still.  They just move extremely slowly.

This takes the familiar “bullet time” mechanic from games like Max Payne to the next level, changing a limited combat resource into a core mechanic.  Combine this with a highly stylized art form and creepy ambient music and you’ve got an interesting and fun experience.

Don’t think that the slowed time gives you an overwhelming advantage either.  Even with the extra time to move and react it’s difficult to keep track of multiple targets and while slipping out of the way of one bullet is easy, doing so for several is a challenge.  The way time speeds back up as soon as you begin to move adds pressure and the slow but inexorable advance of bullets when you don’t move builds tension.  Your pistol has limited ammo and there is no counter displayed, forcing you to keep track of your bullets and to make each one count.  Fortunately there should soon be an abundance of replacement pistols lying around as you take down your enemies.  The resulting game play has an almost puzzle-like quality combined with a refreshing level of suspense.

The game was created for the 2013 seven day first person shooter jam, 7DFPS, and runs on the Unity engine.  The current game is short but sweet and a full game may be in the works.  If so I would definitely be interested in it.

The following link to an interview with the developer.

If you want to take the game for a spin, here’s the link!

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