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And the Dragon Comes in the NIIIIGHT!

Well, so much for my November plans.

A major work project that had been delayed was unexpectedly summoned back into being, breaking its chains like an Elder God and dragging me into shadows. So while I’m dancing to the pipes of my insane corporate masters my other plans are on hold.

However, I do have some fun stuff to look at this week. Red Level Games has released Dragon, an open world game where you get to play as a fire breathing dragon, flying over the landscape and unleashing your wrath on the world. Eventually the game will allow for co-op and PVP with other dragons. It would be epic if they could do a licensing deal with Wizards of the Coast so we could get dragons with the various breath weapons. I’d be all over playing a lightning breathing blue dragon. But the chance to play a dragon in an open world game sounds pretty darn awesome.

Here’s the trailer for the game. It doesn’t look like much yet, but they’re clear that the game is still in early development.

Although I do have a minor rant. Remember when “early access” was called “beta testing” and you didn’t pay to troubleshoot other people’s products? Although I suppose this is the same mindset as Kickstarter, where you’re more of a backer than a customer. Heck, it probably has a better record on deliveries than Kickstarter.

The times, they are a-changing.

I love the idea of playing a dragon and will keep an eye on this product, though I’m not ready to deplete my hoard on it just yet.

This does remind me of another game that let you play as a dragon.


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