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Delta Green

Delta Green is coming back!

This isn’t exactly a surprise, there’s been word that a new Delta Green was coming out for a while now, but the official press release has some answers to questions I’ve been curious about. Most importantly, what rules set it will be using. The old game used Call of Cthulhu as its engine, but word has been that the new Delta Green would be a stand-alone game.

According to the press release, the main game will still be based on Call of Cthulhu’s Basic Roleplaying Game system. They don’t specify if it will be 6th or 7th Edition, but my money is on 7th edition. However there will be another sourcebook called “The Fall of Delta Green” set in the 1960’s, written by Kenneth Hite, and using the GUMSHOE rules.

Delta Green was originally released in the 1990’s by Pagan Publishing as a massive sourecebook for Call of Cthulhu. The players take on the roles of agents who are members of a conspiracy within the US Intelligence community, one whose members put their lives and sanity on the line to hunt down and destroy elements of the Cthulhu mythos wherever they can and at any price. Delta Green agents know that they can never win against the mythos, their goal is to hold off the coming annihilation and buy humanity a little more time in the sun.

Delta Green had a strong following and was supported by a number of sourcebooks and some wonderfully bleak novels. I’m pleased to see that a new edition will soon be unleashed into the world.



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Top Secret S/I Returns to the Table

Happy New Year!

I hope everyone has been having a good holiday season. My Christmas time has been light on the gaming front, but we made up for it this past weekend in a big way. Our gaming group got together for the first time in months, with a full roster including two people joining us via a laptop and webcam.

And let me say, technology is great. Members of our circle of friends have moved far and wide and the ability to bring them back to our gaming table is wonderful. There is no substitute for physically being together, but having friends join in over the Internet is a heck of a lot better than not having them there at all.

The session had me back in the GM’s seat with the return of Top Secret S/I. Once again set in 1965 and with several agents returning from my previous game. For this outing I used the first mission from the GURPS adventure book, Operation Endgame. The mission is a set in Denmark and involves facilitating the defection of a master KGB spy, code named “Midnight”. One thing that is nice about espionage games is that their focus on intrigue means they are not tightly bound to a specific rules set. Switching the game system from GURPS to Top Secret was a snap. I did need to make other changes to the adventure such as downgrading the technology from the early 90’s to the mid-60’s, adding a few minor characters and removing one principle NPC who really isn’t necessary. There’s also a bottleneck in the investigation that needed a fix, but that was easily provided by giving the targets more agency to act on their own.

I was worried about the number of players. Seven is my hard cap and I was at it, but for investigative games I’m more comfortable with five. However things worked out well and my players had a good time. They played well, had some close shaves, had fun with various bits of misdirection, and triumphed in the end. I only got them to burn one luck point along the way, since in proper spy fashion they avoided most direct confrontations. What fights they did get into were brief, brutal affairs. There were two fatalities, both NPC killers and both resulting from knife wounds. One lead to uncomfortable conversations with the Copenhagen police, the other contributed to the well being of the local fish population.

A nice side benefit is that one of the agents has picked up a new enemy. One of the slain NPCs has a brother who was allowed to escape, and he knows which agent killed his brother.

He’ll definitely show up again. It’s a moral imperative.

Top Secret S/I continues to impress me with its mechanics and my players are having fun with the spy genre. I’m looking forward to bringing it out again in the future.

Not much new on the board gaming front, however I did get to try out King of New York. This is the sequel to the giant monster game King of Tokyowhich I quite enjoy. The new game brings a little more to the table, adding nice variation to the game without sacrificing the simplicity of the original. I don’t own a copy of either yet, but New York has taken Tokyo’s place on my wish list.

I picked up the Pendragon collection on its recent Bundle of Holding resurrection. The Bundle has also brought back the Delta Green collection. I picked that set up on its last offering, but they’ve added a couple new titles to it. One of the classy things that the Bundle of Holding does is that if they bring back a previous offering with additional material, they give the new files to previous purchasers at no cost. So now I have even more Delta Green to read! The Pendragon offering is finished, but you still have two days to get in on the Delta Green set. Plus there are four more bundles currently on sale.

How have the holidays been for you and your gaming groups? Any new treasures for your library?


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That’s… Disturbingly Specific…

The Infinite Machine Tumblr page posted an image of this creepy memorial:



The memorial commemorates the victims from the town of Zabalj, Serbia who were slain in 1942 during a raid by the Hungarian Axis forces. Being unfamiliar with this action I went off to Wikipedia to find out more information. The entry for Zabalj mentions the raid and includes the following information:

“During the Hungarian Axis occupation, in 1942 raid, 666 inhabitants of the town were murdered”

-Wikipedia entry for Zabalj

That’s an… oddly specific number of casualties.

Have I mentioned that I’m reading a lot of Delta Green material right now? Or that I’ve always loved the Jewish folktale of The Golem?

Sometimes the adventure seeds write themselves.

Best to keep the B.P.R.D. on speed dial. Just in case.



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