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Holy chrome!

The first cartoon series I ever fell in love with was Battle of the Planets, the American version of the anime series Gatchaman.

Years later I discovered Gatchaman itself, a much more mature and serious, not to mention violent, show than the American version. Much MUCH later I was finally able to collect the entire series on DVD. It’s one of the only big series I ever collected and I spent a pretty penny to do it.

Now the entire Gatchaman series is available in one Blue-Ray collection and it’s on sale for $60!

Gatchaman is the original Sentai team series and it had a big influence on anime and superheroes that is still felt today. The show is deeply rooted in the groovy 70’s (we still called it “Japanimation” back then. Oy.) and it’s certainly dated material now, but a surprising amount still holds up. Also the production values, both in music and art, was miles ahead of other anime of the era. It’s not inaccurate to say that Gatchaman is to early anime what Jonny Quest is to American animation.

Plus, my nostalgia for the series is mighty.

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