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Avengers Confidential Animated Movie

An animated Marvel movie giving top billing to Black Widow?  And including Captain Marvel?

You have my interest.

I really liked Black Widow in the Marvel live action movies, particularly the Avengers, and I like seeing her getting a top billing slot in a Marvel animated property.  Also, the recent Captain Marvel title featuring Carol Danvers has been a delightful series.  The first trade collection is an absolute must.  I almost bailed when the new artist took over, as the highly stylized artwork is not my thing (putting it mildly), but the strong writing by Kelly Sue DeConnick saw me through.  I am eagerly awaiting the relaunch of the book with a new artist and keeping DeConnick as the writer.

I have an added interest in these characters, having a daughter who loves superheroes.  I have been happy with the direction Marvel Comics has been going with strong female leads in their books, and putting Black Widow opposite Punisher in an Avengers movie looks like they’re continuing that push.

Throw in an Avengers lineup filled with characters I like and yes, Marvel, you have my attention.  Marvel’s animated movies have been a mixed bag for me, it’s one area that DC has had more success with, but I am hoping that this one will be a big hit.

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