Viscera Cleanup Detail

13 Jan

Viscera Cleanup Detail by RuneStorm is one of those computer games that makes you ask, “why would anyone play this?” Yet strangely enough, it works.

From the early days of Doom and Wolfenstein to today’s Far Cry and Halo, computer gamers have been splattering the guts of bad guys across virtual maps for decades. Viscera Cleanup Detail isn’t about saving the universe or surviving the apocalypse, it’s about what comes afterwards.

Namely, cleaning up.

Essentially, this is a first person puzzle game. You enter a gore-splashed environment armed with a mop, rubber gloves, and a mandate to get the place cleaned up. It’s up to you to search through whatever location you’re working in and clean up all the blood and gore you can find. Every body part and hazardous object needs to be incinerated, every splash of goop must be mopped up, and along the way you may find an interesting object or two to take home after your shift.

Clearly this is a game that doesn’t take itself too seriously. It’s a goofy concept, as much a novelty as anything else, yet it is strangely hypnotic. It doesn’t provide any kind of gripping experience or captivating game play, but it’s fun when you just want a distraction and I’ve been surprised to look up and realize I’ve spent two hours cleaning up virtual body parts.

It’s kind of like playing Minesweeper or Solitaire, with ludicrous gibs.

The game offers plenty of maps to play on, including Santa’s Workshop and a map inspired by the club scene in Kill Bill. I recommend that last one, as it adds snarky commentary by your character as you clean. There is even a multi-player mode, which I haven’t tried but the concept amuses me to no end.

If you’re looking for something quirky and unusual, it’s worth a look. You can find it on Steam.


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