What Is A Roleplaying Game

01 Sep

The “What is a Roleplaying Game” section has been a staple in most game books since the early days of the hobby. But is it still needed? Between popular movies and TV shows with references to gaming, feature films based on Dungeons & Dragons, and the popularity of computer RPG’s, is there anyone left who might pick up a game book and not know what it was all about?

I admit, I’ve had my doubts.

Until yesterday. I was over on the Facebook page for The Hobby Shop Dungeon Kickstarter campaign, where I was drooling over the absolutely beautiful dungeon maps, when I noticed an interesting post. The poster, who was very polite and seemed a little shy, was complementing how cool the images were and asking what it was all about. The poster had some idea about what it might be, I don’t think the concept of a role playing game was alien to him, but he wasn’t exactly sure.

Major props to whomever handles the Facebook page. They posted a very nice explanation of role playing games and followed it up with providing a link to the free OSRIC rules set. It was a really nice response and just what we hope people will do to spread the hobby.

With that experience in mind, I guess it is still worth taking a couple paragraphs in a rulebook to explain our hobby.

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