Panic at the Castle

02 Aug

I introduced some friends to Castle Panic last night and much fun was had.

Our first game went well. Everybody quickly got the hang of the game and while things got tense, we won the game with a couple towers to spare. Since the players now had a good feel for the game we decided to play another round. We figured we had everything under control.

Oh fate, you cruel mistress.

In Castle Panic, at the end of each player’s turn they draw two tiles from the monster pile. These are usually new creatures to add to the field, but occasionally something else turns up. On one of the first turns in the game the player reached for the pile and drew… a tile saying to draw four more monster tiles. Among the extra four monster tiles was… a tile saying to draw three more monster tiles. Among those three tiles was… the Goblin King, who is added to the board and requires you to draw three more monster tiles.

Instead of drawing two tiles he ended up drawing 11. Insert your own Spinal Tap reference here.

Suddenly the field went from being mostly empty to holding a horde of chaos. To make matters worse, two more boss monsters appeared among the evil legion, driving their minions forward with wicked glee. The odds were good that we were about to be overwhelmed, but if we did survive the terrible tide the end game would probably swing in our favor. After all, we’d just removed a huge chunk of the monsters from the pile.

We buckled down and the battle was brutal, but in the end we prevailed. One lone tower still rose above the blood soaked battlefield. A costly victory, but a heroic one.

Castle Panic continues to live up to its name.

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One response to “Panic at the Castle

  1. Aaron Einhorn

    August 3, 2015 at 6:12 PM

    I’ll have to bring my copy of “Dead Panic” over sometime.


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