New Years, Reflections on Gaming

06 Jan

Happy New Year!

Okay, okay, I’ve been busy.

Looking Back:

2014 was a mixed bag for my gaming life. On the down side, I did less face-to-face gaming in 2014 than in the previous years. Commitments for many of us consumed our precious free time, leading to dust gathering on the dice. On the bright side, when we did manage to schedule a game the table was full and more than one game pushed the boundary of how many players we could accommodate. Not to mention how many people would fit around my table.

We got creative with bar stools.

My Sunday night Google Hangout games did good service and helped take the edge off the lack of face-to-face gaming. I even got to switch to the players’ side of the screen, which was a nice change of pace. Our DM ran a Lamentations of the Flame Princess game, where my cleric survived in defiance of all the laws of reason and sanity. I also got to launch a Stars Without Number campaign, checking another box off my GM’s bucket list.

In fact, my wish list for 2014 didn’t turn out too badly, with three out of the seven games I listed making it to the table. That’s not too shabby given our schedules and my gaming ADD. Of particular note have been the Top Secret S/I games, which have been a hit. Board gaming also made out well in 2014, with games like Sentinels of the Multiverse and Pandemic hitting the table regularly. After many years of absence Car Wars returned to my table for my birthday gaming bash. I also attended some board gaming nights at a friend’s place, where I was introduced to several new games. Two of particular note are Boss Monster and The Resistance. I also finally got to watch a game of Betrayal at the House on the Hill.

Next time I’m getting in on one of those games. Oh yes, it will happen.

It was a good year for gaming acquisitions too. Flash Point Fire Rescue, which I actually got last Christmas, is a hit in our house. Sentinels Tactics arrived early, breaking some cosmic rule of Kickstarters. On the RPG front the Bundle of Holding sucked many coins from my wallet, but in return yielded a trove of Delta Green and Pendragon books. I am still eagerly awaiting Stonehell Dungeon II to be released, though that has never had a release date and is not a wayward Kickstarter. I’m just such a huge fan of the first Stonehell Dungeon that I can’t wait to read the second.

Speaking of Kickstarters, the infamous Dwimmermount finally arrived! Fulfilling years of anticipation, only to dash them when my book arrived damage. A situation that the folks at Autarch did an excellent job of rectifying and I soon had a pristine copy in hand. I am delighted to finally own this megadungeon, not only because of the long wait but also because it’s a damn fine product. I’ve been meaning to do a proper review of the book, but given how long it took to get it I can be excused for not being prompt on a review.

In other Kickstarter news, Mekton: Zero is still in development. I’m a fan of R. Talsorian Games and Mekton Zeta has the distinction of being one of my most beloved and least played games. Due out this past march, the new edition of Mekton is still being completed. Though Mike Pondsmith is posting relatively regular updates and I’m hopeful we’ll see more before too long.

Looking Ahead:

For various reasons I haven’t had much time to think of a 2015 wish list, at least not as organized as the one I had for 2014. However there are several reasons to hope that our face-to-face gaming schedule will improve this year. Here’s hoping. Meanwhile my Google+ game is still on hiatus for the moment.

So to keep things simple my gaming wish list for 2014 is simply to play more. More RPG sessions, more board gaming, and maybe get a few more bucket list games to the table.

I hope you’ve all had a good holiday season and I wish everyone good gaming in 2015!



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One response to “New Years, Reflections on Gaming

  1. The Rambling Roleplayer

    January 7, 2015 at 2:57 PM

    Betrayal at House on the Hill is definitely on my wish list for this year, along with Rampage. Realistically though I’ll probably only end up getting one of those, and if that’s the case I’d get Betrayal at House on the Hill.


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