Great Kid! Don’t Get Cocky.

11 Dec

The United States Navy now has a 30 Kilowatt laser mounted on a ship. The weapon is a prototype that can hit a mounted weapon on a moving vessel or drone and destroy the target.

“We’re not testing any more – it’s working,” Rear Admiral Matthew Klunder, the chief of naval research, said in a press conference at the Pentagon Wednesday.

The laser has not yet been fired in anger, but Klunder said that it is fully battle-ready if it is to be needed. “If we have to defend that ship today, we will [use the laser] to destroy a threat that comes,” he said. The Captain of the Ponce has authorisation to use the weapon, if the situation calls for it.

-The Raw Story, Dec. 12th 2014

The weapon is installed on the USS Ponce, one of the oldest ships in the fleet, and requires its own power supply. However production models installed on newer warships will be able to tap into the ship’s power supply.

No word on if they’re calling it the Wave Motion Gun. I know there’s no chance that a US warship would be named the Yamato, but the USS Argo has a nice ring to it.

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