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18 Nov

Via GeekDad comes the news that Asmodee is purchasing Fantasy Flight games. Wow! I knew that Asmodee has been going like gangbusters for the last few years, they acquired Days of Wonder not long ago. Still, this is bigger news to old school tabletop gamers. Founded in 1995, Fantasy Flight has a large stable of awesome games that they’ve put out, including some excellent licensed products. These include reprints of the venerable Cosmic Encounter and Talisman games and the amazing Arkham Horror. Most recently their Star Wars: X-Wing has been taking the miniatures market by storm. Fantasy Flight also boasts an impressive role playing game collection, including the latest edition of Warhamer Fantasy RPG and it’s 40k cousin, as well as the latest Star Wars game.

This is definitely a big deal and with Asmodee’s track record I don’t think we need to be worried. I’m much more comfortable with these acquisitions than I am with Wizards of the Coast being owned by Hasbro. While Asmodee does produce games for the mass market, they have a strong history of making games for gamers and most hobbyists have their titles in their libraries.


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