The Pyramid

28 Aug

This could be fun.

The Pyramid is a new horror movie coming to theaters at the end of this year. The plot synopsis is pretty standard fare; a team of archaeologists discover an enormous pyramid buried in the Egyptian sands. The tomb is cursed, the team ignores the warning, and soon discover that the pyramid is actually a prison meant to keep something in.

Based on the trailer it looks like a medium budget B-movie, which I’m fine with. I love B-movie horror films. It also looks like it’s going to have plenty of shaky cam, which I’m less okay with. This trend and those who promote it can die in fire.

But what really caught my attention is that the archaeology team triggers a pit trap and are dropped into a labyrinth. The labyrinth looks like it contains plenty of death traps for the adventurers… er… archaeologists to avoid. I hope they brought their 10′ pole.

It doesn’t look like The Pyramid is going to be a cinematic masterpiece, but with luck it’ll be something that would qualify for an old school horror host’s show. Or at least fun enough that it would make it to the Satellite of Love. I hope they play up the dungeon delving aspects of the story. That would give it a more unique flavor, aside from appealing to my D&D loving soul.

The Pyramid is scheduled for release in the US on December 5th, 2014.

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