Sentinels Tactics Has Arrived!

14 Aug


Yesterday I came home to a big box from Greater Than Games. My Sentinels Tactics set has arrived!

Wait, let me back up a little.

Sentinels Tactics: The Flame of Freedom and all my add-ons is in my hands four months early!

I don’t know what dark magic Greater Than Games has that lets them nail every Kickstarter project but I’ll donate a pint of blood to it in thanks.

Sentinels Tactics is the new tactical combat game based in the Sentinels of the Multiverse universe. Unlike the card game, where the players work cooperatively to defeat a super villain, Tactics pits the players against each other in comic book battles. This is the project I blew all my discretionary gaming money on so I could fund it at the $100 level, and boy was it worth it. I got the core game, the Uprising expansion, two boxes of miniatures, a deck of additional cards, and a fun art print of the Sentinels characters.

I’d hoped to be playing it for Christmas. Now it shows up right before I celebrate my birthday by having a bunch of friends over for a day of board gaming.

I can’t say enough good things about Greater Than Games. They put out high quality products, well designed, with good components, and great customer service. They have nailed the superhero genre in ways no other non-rpg tabletop game has. In my opinion better than Heroclix from the, “makes you feel like a superhero,” standpoint.

I can’t wait to get this game to the table.

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