Real Life Car Wars – Not Involving Me!

19 Jul

“Eight years ago: “Crazy Joe” Harshman wins Fresno destruction derby by mounting a surplus .50-calibur machine gun in his Chevy.”

-Car Wars timeline, 1983 Edition

Thankfully, this time my post on real life Car Wars doesn’t involve me getting rear ended.

What it does involve is two Audis, an (autoduel) arena, a pseudo-Kenny Loggins soundtrack, and a whole lot of paint.

The grenades were a particularly nice touch.

“Seven years ago: Armadillo Autoduel Arena opens on former site of shopping mall in Austin, Texas.”

-Car Wars timeline, 1983 Edition

If this spawns a new extreme sport I will watch the heck out of it.

The “making of” video is also a good watch.

Well done Audi. Well done indeed.

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