Mech Maker Update

12 Jun

A while back I posted about the Kickstarter project for Mech Maker, a service that would allow customers to design custom miniatures and have them 3D printed. The figures could be shipped to the customer or printed locally if an appropriate printer was available.

At the time I was very excited about the concept and technology involved, but had some reservations about the business model. Not that it was a bad model, but that it wasn’t right for me. You can read my thoughts here.

I checked in on the project and it turns out that they cancelled the campaign back in mid-May.

“I want you all to know Mech Maker will be back soon and IMAGIMOD is absolutely NOT going away. You’ve given us great feedback, so we’re going to rework the Kickstarter and relaunch it again in a few weeks. Primarily, we’re going to make it a lot easier for you to get an idea of the cost of Mech Making and will show in more detail what you can do for yourself or have professionally printed.”

-Developers’ Update

While I am sorry to see it didn’t work out, I am glad to see that they are regrouping and adjusting their strategy. The project is ambitious and I’m glad to see they’re willing to take the time to present the best possible campaign.

Best of luck to the developers. I will continue to keep an eye on their progress.


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