Stars Without Number, Number One

02 Jun

Check another ONE off my Gamer Bucket List!

Last night I launched my Google+ Stars Without Number campaign.

The previous week I ran my one-shot to fill in for a short roster and kick the tires on the game system. I’m glad I did, as actually letting the dice roll helped me understand a few things about the game. That let me focus this week on preparing the star system and the adventure itself.

And boy, I’m glad I had that time. The system creation tools for Stars is a game in itself, and it’s easy to get swept away with building out the sandbox. The more you build the more details you develop, and if you aren’t careful each new detail will make you feel like you have to add more or it won’t feel “complete”. Eventually I had to pull back and say it’s good enough to run with and I can add on the fly.

To kick things off I decided to use the Stars Without Number adventure, Hard LightThis is a nicely set up location based adventure in a sector dominated by an active red super-giant star. It comes complete with a space station, some alien Sky Tombs, plenty of NPCs developed just enough to run with but not overly done, and being a Sine Nomine product it includes tools to develop more aspects of the system.

In short, it’s the perfect adventure to drop into my sector and let the players and me get our feet wet.

Which is exactly what they did. The hook I used is that an old friend of the characters was dying. Before he kicked the bucket, he told them the location of a starship, damaged but salvageable, that was abandoned in a sky tomb until its radiation levels dropped enough to recover. The rest of the pirate crew was killed not long after, leaving the characters’ old friend as the only one who knew where it was. The only stipulation was that they had to promise to lay his body to rest inside the tomb where the ship is docked.

Our Sunday night crew plays from around 7:00 to 10:00 and we managed to break in a new player to our online setup and get the characters up and running. The crew managed to reach the space station, get settled in, and engage in various shenanigans. Intelligence was gathered, possible transport was located, and a fair bit about the station and its crew was learned.

Not bad for a first session.

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