Cult of the Wind

02 May

One thing I love about the booming indie game movement is that we’re seeing lots of games with unique ideas.

Remember when you were a kid and you’d run around the playground pretending to be an airplane? And getting into dogfights with your friends?

Then you may be interested in Cult of the Wind.

In Cult of the Wind, players compete and cooperate in ritualistic multi-player human dogfights, complete with imaginary weapons, pretend explosions, and airplane noises made with their mouths. Shower your friends in a hail of imaginary bullets and proclaim, “I got you! You have to lie down,” to which they respond, “Nuh-uh, I have a shield.” You argue about whether or not airplanes can have shields, meanwhile some other guy does a cannonball onto your head while whistling. It’s great. “

On top of that, the designers give the whole game a dreamlike fantasy setting, where the kids who make up the cult are survivors living in the wreckage of the aircraft and their games are recreating the dogfights of legend.

Cult of the Wind is an intriguing game whose ideas and setting definitely capture the imagination. I’ve added it to the list of games I’m keeping an eye on and might pick it up when time allows.

Check out the game play footage:

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