That’s… Disturbingly Specific…

17 Apr

The Infinite Machine Tumblr page posted an image of this creepy memorial:



The memorial commemorates the victims from the town of Zabalj, Serbia who were slain in 1942 during a raid by the Hungarian Axis forces. Being unfamiliar with this action I went off to Wikipedia to find out more information. The entry for Zabalj mentions the raid and includes the following information:

“During the Hungarian Axis occupation, in 1942 raid, 666 inhabitants of the town were murdered”

-Wikipedia entry for Zabalj

That’s an… oddly specific number of casualties.

Have I mentioned that I’m reading a lot of Delta Green material right now? Or that I’ve always loved the Jewish folktale of The Golem?

Sometimes the adventure seeds write themselves.

Best to keep the B.P.R.D. on speed dial. Just in case.



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