Mythic Cartography – The Mountains of Kong Pt. 2

04 Mar

Last week I talked about the mythical Mountains of Kong. This week I’m offering ideas for placing them into a gaming world.

Why aren’t the Mountains of Kong there?

Just a Jump to the Left – The explorers who saw the Mountains of Kong stumbled through a rift in time opened by the Great Race of Yith. The mountains exist in the antediluvian era and the rift was an attempt by the Great Race to bring their entire civilization into our time period.

Records of the mountains are based on the notes from explorers who crossed over, not realizing the true nature of what they experienced. As the Great Race’s experiments progressed the rift expanded, which is why later reports increased the size of the mountain range.

One expedition discovered the true nature of the mountains and were able to close the rift before the Great Race could complete their plans, which is why the mountains cannot be found today. Only one member of that expedition survived but his journal is discounted as the ravings of a madman.

There have been recent sightings of the Mountains of Kong. These reports have been ignored as mirages or hoaxes, but in occult circles there are fears that the Great Race has resumed their experiments.

Back to the Future – Sightings of the Mountains of Kong are projections of the future. A horrible catastrophe will shatter the landscape, causing upheaval in the land and cracking open the space-time continuum. A brilliant mathematician has calculated that the sightings of the Mountains of Kong are waves of this future sent back by the force of the disaster. She has predicted when and where the next wave will hit and assembled a team of specialists. Her hope is that by studying the projections she will be able to learn more about the crisis and how to avert it.

Will her efforts save humanity? Or could her actions be the spark that brings about the apocalypse she hopes to prevent.

These Aren’t the Droids you’re Looking for –  Early expeditions stumbled upon an ancient civilization, whose hidden underground city holds secrets that its guardians decided mankind wasn’t ready to know. The guardians of the city manipulated the minds of the explorers, inverting their memories to make it impossible for them to locate the city again. Instead of an underground city in a hidden valley, the expedition remembers a vast mountain range. Attempts to return were thwarted, as the explorers sought in vain for peaks that do not exist.

You Shall Not Pass – In the early 18th century, African shamans were waging a war with powerful otherworldly spirits. Demons rose up with great beasts and mighty armies. The shamans used powerful rituals to conjure up mountainous barriers to block their advance, pen them in, and allow their warriors to destroy the demons. Eventually they were triumphant, but the cost was high and nearly all the shamans perished.

European explorers stumbled upon the edges of the battle, seeing only the mountain ranges summoned by the rituals without understanding their true purpose. The secret of the spirit war went unknown or discounted by the Europeans, except in certain esoteric lodges.

Other Worlds – The idea of the mythical mountain range can be transported to another world. For maximum effect it would be good to use an iconic world such as Greyhawk. Imagine a party of adventurers setting out from the Flanaess, equipped with a map by the Darlene the master cartographer.

But when they reach the Hellfurnaces, they find nothing. No volcanic mountain range, no Sea of Dust, just endless steppes.

Bonus points if you’re running the game for a bunch of old school grognards. I know it’d throw me for a loop.


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2 responses to “Mythic Cartography – The Mountains of Kong Pt. 2

  1. Matt

    March 4, 2014 at 4:20 PM

    I’m a bit surprised you used the Great Race of Yith for the Cthulhian adventure tag. I had my money on a portal to the Dreamlands.

    • Fractalbat

      March 5, 2014 at 9:23 AM

      It certainly would fit right in.


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