Castle of the Mad Archmage

02 Feb

I’ve frequently talked about my fondness for megadungeons.

Well, more good news on that front!  Joseph Bloch, the Greyhawk Grognard, has finally gotten his Castle of the Mad Archmage released!

The Castle of the Mad Archmage was originally released as a free series of downloads from his blog and was one of the early big names among the megadungeons of the OSR movement.  Eventually Bloch took down the files with the intention of getting the Castle published through traditional methods, but various issues caused it to be delayed.  Though thankfully, this is not another Kickstarter tale of woe and the only investment the fans have made in the product up to now has been our desire to buy it.

The Castle is a sprawling complex with a funhouse flair, as befits something built by a mad archmage.  It is filled with personalities and has a very “living” feeling to it.  The original release was designed with AD&D or OSRIC in mind and this new release is built using the Adventures Dark and Deep rules.  It should be easily portable to any classic D&D rules set or retro-clone.

The Castle is available through and comes in three parts; an adventure book, a map book, and an art book.  All three are available in print and .pdf format and if you buy a physical copy you can get the .pdf for free.  (This is a business practice that more than once has been a deciding factor in my purchases and I’m pleased to see it done here.)

Be aware that you need all three products to properly run the dungeon, but due to interface limitations you’ll have to select each product separately.  The price is very reasonable and I ordered softcover copies of all three for a total of about $35.

The Castle of the Mad Archmage was one of the first things to fire my imagination after I discovered the OSR movement.  I am delighted to be able to order this new release and delighted that the Greyhawk Grognard has finally been able to see it published.  I look forward to reading it and putting the books alongside my copy of Stonehell Dungeon, and that open spot I keep on the shelf that may someday hold Dwimmermount.


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