Space 2099

31 Jan

It’s still in development, but a reboot of the venerable sci-fi series Space: 1999 is in the works.  Appropriately enough, it will be called Space: 2099.

The original show is still one of my favorites, at least in its first season.  For the time the special effects were top notch, and I’d say that the excellent model work was superior to a lot of the early CGI used in later shows.  The premise is silly, even for the time when it aired, and yes the writing went to the deus ex machina well too frequently.

But the stories could still be compelling and challenging, the acting was superb, and the atmosphere was strong.  Also, the details of Moon Base Alpha and her crew were well done.  Star Trek is often given credit for its portrayal of technology that we have since developed, but the technology of Space: 1999 generally had a more plausible feel to it.  Additionally the design of the base itself, and especially the wonderful Eagle spaceships had an aesthetic style firmly rooted in the Apollo program.  This made it unique in terms of science fiction while at the same time tapping into the still-powerful cultural impact of the space program.

I have plenty of reasons to be nervous when people reboot cult classics, as The Tomorrow People has proven, and there’s no guarantee that this will ever get out of production limbo.  Still I can’t help having hope that we’ll see new stories of Moonbase Alpha, and that they’ll be good.

Here are my top hopes for the series:

1) That they keep the foreboding atmosphere of the original without falling into “gritty”.

2) That they don’t take any cues from the second season.

3) That they manage to have a theme song as fantastic as either of the originals.

The official website can be found here.

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One response to “Space 2099

  1. Needles

    February 1, 2014 at 6:09 PM

    Great article but be aware of the following.
    I wouldn’t be to overtly concerned just yet. I’ve been a part of the Space 2099 facebook group for quite awhile . These projects have been moving at the speed of ‘independence’. Mostly due to financial issues there have been many starts and stops with the ‘2099’ material over the years.
    These folks are dedicated fans of the Space 1999 and I do mean dedicated. So your possibly going to see stuff you or I haven’t thought of. Relax this isn’t going to happen over night yet.


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