Year’s End, Year’s Beginnings

31 Dec

Happy New Year!

Looking Back:

2013 has been a good year for my gaming life.  On the GM’ing side, the usual suspects of Call of Cthulhu and GURPS made regular appearances on our table.  I ran a few games using my home brew Star Trek system that were fun and lighthearted romps.  I finally took the plunge and ran a DC Universe/Mutants & Masterminds adventure, which should be returning in 2014.  On the players’ side of the screen I was on the receiving end of the same usual suspects of Call of Cthulhu and GURPS, as well as DC Universe and a Cyberpunk 2020 powered Judge Dredd game that I will continue pestering the GM to bring back.

The number of our table games was, sadly, down this year.  But our Google+ games have helped pick up the slack, and having a regular weekly game again has been a lot of fun.  I finished off a Star Frontiers mini-campaign and returned to Lamentations of the Flame Princess.  Currently I’ve ceded the DM’s chair and have been enjoying being a player again in a D&D based game, which is something I haven’t done in over ten years.

I fit some good board gaming in this year too, with Pandemic hitting the table with the family many times.  Late to the party, I’ve become a fan of Settlers of Cataan, and I rabidly collected everything I could get my hands on for Sentinels of the Multiverse.  Seriously, if you have any affection for superheroes, run out and get Sentinels.  Battleship Galaxies was another game that I became quite fond of, though sadly it looks like the desperately needed expansions will never occur.

Curse you Hasbroooooooooo!

I also got to dig out some old favorites and am working on some ideas with them, but I have yet to finish those projects.  More on those later.

All in all, not a bad year.  I greatly miss getting my face to face group together more often, this was a rough year for people’s schedules.  But overall, not bad at all.

Looking Forward:

2014 should see more of the old standbys coming to the tabletop, be it physical or virtual.  In addition I have a whole new slew of games I’d love to get the dice rolling for.  We’ll see how many make it, but in no particular order here are the RPG’s I’d like to get to the table in 2014:

Top Secret S/I – A very new entry on my list.  I missed out on Top Secret back in the 80’s, but having read the rules I really want to take this game for a spin.  Secret agents and the Cold War era have always interested me and this game has captured my attention in a big way.  Enough that I did a three part review of the game.

DC Universe – Superhero gaming is a staple with our group.  For the most part we’ve used GURPS 3rd Edition.  We love GURPS for most everything, though the way it handles superheroes is probably its weakest point.  However DC Universe, running on the Mutants & Masterminds rules set, has amazed me with how well it does the job.  Now that I have one game under my GM’ing belt, I’m ready to do more.

Best of all I can run a game using tons of source material from before DC did its New 52 relaunch, wiping away everything I loved about their history.

Not that I’m bitter.

Stonehell Dungeon – I finally got my hands on Stonehell Dungeon and it makes my delver’s heart sing.  I’m not sure if I’ll be getting this to the table with my face to face group, my Google+ group, or both, but it’s high on my priority list.  Stonehell is a masterpiece of classic dungeon design.  I’ve started working on a setting to surround the dungeon and my biggest decision will be what core rules to go with.  Lamentations of the Flame Princess has been our go-to game and no matter what I’m sure we’ll keep parts of it, but for Stonehell I may switch over to Labyrinth Lord or Rules Cyclopedia.  Or maybe even…

Dungeon Crawl Classics – This game has been on my radar all year.  So much so that I’ve been a faithful listener to the Spellburn Podcast even when I didn’t have my own copy of the rules.  Thanks to a Christmas gift from one of my players I’m now armed with a copy of the rules and a set of the funky dice.

DCC has impressed me with how it has taken a fresh look at old school Dungeons & Dragons and built up something new from that foundation.  This is no retro-clone, it’s a whole new animal.

Stars Without Number / Classic Traveler – I love science fiction role playing and while I love gaming in the Star Wars and Star Trek universes, their brand identity is so strong they become their own genre.  I would like to dig into a more straight science fiction setting.  I had fun running Star Frontiers in 2013, but now I’d like to look to another system and both Stars Without Number and Classic Traveler are strong contenders (with GURPS Traveler not far behind).

Mutant Futures – Based on Gamma World, the gonzo nature of Mutant Futures has a strong appeal.  This is one I’d like to pull out for the occasional one-shot.  This is another case where I didn’t play Gamma World back in its heyday and would like to pull its spiritual successor out and give it a try.  While I’m at it I may have to use the delightful Thundarr the Barbarian sourcebook created by Tim at The Savage Afterworld blog.

Ookla!  Ariel!  RIDE!

Mekton Zeta – Mekton Zeta is the game of Gundam-like mecha adventures by R. Talsorian Games.  Mekton has the dubious distinction of being the game I am most obsessed with that I never run.  For years I’ve been toying with launching a Mekton Zeta sandbox campaign, but time has always been the enemy.  But the desire is always there, and now that I have a regular Google+ group who knows?  Maybe 2014 will be the Year of Mekton.

In Conclusion:

I’ve only touched on gaming but there is so much more to talk about.  2013 was a great year for fandom, with outstanding movies and TV shows hitting the screens, a bevy of indie and big name computer games, some outstanding comics and novels, and so much more.  2014 promises to keep that ball rolling and I can’t wait.

Starting my blog has been a great deal of fun.  Thank you all for reading and participating, the best part of having a blog is getting to talk about the fandoms we love with a wide circle of people.

Happy New Year to you all!


Some day a giant D20 will be lowered over Times Square.

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