More Tablet Mapping

20 Nov

I finally got back to playing around with mapping on my iPad.

Sketchbook Pro continues to satisfy me, though I’ve added to my wish list of features.  I would like to be able to better organize the files into sub-folders, as opposed to in order of file creation.  Also, I have a fine point stylus on my Christmas list.

My first foray into tablet mapping was back in this post.

Following that up, I did this map as a “level two” to the iDungeon of Doom.  One nice advantage of digital mapping is that I can take the previous finished map and use it as a transparent layer for my new map.  That makes it easy to match up the paths between floors.

A few notes:

Area 4 is a waterwheel fed from the whirlpool’s cascade in Area 12 on the first level.

Area 16 is a three-level chamber.  Each entry is at a different height.  I’d probably need to include an inset map of the room to convey it properly.  I’m playing around with trying to do an isometric map for the room, but so far it’s beyond my meager stylus skills.

Area 13 is an elevator.  When it rises up it uncovers the secret door.

The circular areas 18-22 have pools in their centers that act as teleportation devices.


And here’s the first level of a tower complex:


Eventually I may stock these maps with something like the one page dungeon format and see how it goes.  But for now I’m just enjoying the sketching.


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