Battlestar Galactica Discovery

31 Oct

While watching the Battlestar Galactica movie tonight (the original) I caught a glimpse of something interesting.  It was one of the computer screens on the bridge as Serena is guiding Starbuck and his crippled Viper in for a landing.

Thanks to the wonders of DVD and freeze frame, we learn a terrible secret.  Look in the top right of the screen.


By all the Gods of Kobol!  There is only one explanation, a secret cabal of engineers knew the true location of Earth all along!  For what purpose would they hide this from the Council of the 12?

I love catching things like this and DVD makes it so much easier.  My favorite discovery of this kind is from Robotech, where the command screens of the SDF-1 frequently displays text from old real world computer displays, including screens from the ASCII based Star Trek game.

The truth is out there.  Keep watching the screens!  And be quick with your pause button.

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