Wonder Woman Short is Released

02 Oct

The fan-made Wonder Woman short is out!

The short was created by Rainfall Films, a Los Angeles production company, so they have more resources available than your standard fan-film fare.  Though while it may not be an amateur production the creators clearly fall into the fan category.

It’s a beautiful short with a good look, nice effects, solid music, and packs a lot of punch into two and a half minutes.

That amount of time doesn’t leave much room for character development, but they do a good job of showing Wonder Woman as a warrior divided between the world of mortals and gods.  I like the suggestion that she slips between the worlds, dividing her attentions between battles in both realms.  The multi-ethnic Amazons are a nice touch too, an often overlooked element that has been part of the DC Amazonian canon for years.

There is nuance to the character that nicely captures what I want to see in Wonder Woman.  Unlike Batman, her fighting style uses enough force to get the job done, causing no more harm than necessary even to gun-wielding thugs.  In the end she rises into the sky like a demigod, not springing into flight like Superman.

It’s an impressive piece of work that whets my appetite and makes me wish this was the trailer for an actual movie.  While DC and Warner Brothers continues to fret about how tricky the character is I’ll have to content myself with fan productions like this.  And the fantastic Wonder Woman animated movie.  And her presentation in the Justice League animated series.  Maybe throw in some old Linda Carter episodes for a dose of nostalgia.

Take a look and let me know your thoughts.

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One response to “Wonder Woman Short is Released

  1. Fractalbat

    October 2, 2013 at 11:02 AM

    Also, bonus points for not using shakey-cam!


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