What Character do you Want to Play in the Future?

27 Sep

Stay on target, stay on target!

Today’s question:

27. What character do you want to play in the future?

There are two candidates.  I’m on something of a dwarf kick right now, no doubt The Hobbit movies have something to do with it, plus I’m running the Lamentations of the Flame Princess module Hammers of the God for my Google+ group.  Although I’ve always liked dwarves with their subterranean cities and hardened attitude.  I always wished that Tolkien had written more about his dwarves.  One of the lasting images I have is Tolkien’s descriptions of grim dwarves in their heavy armor and great helmets advancing through dragon fire during the ancient battles with Morgoth.

I love dungeon delving, so it’s hard not to like a race built around it.

The other I’d like to take a crack at is a cleric.  I would love to explore the cleric in greater detail as a player, it’s a class I largely overlooked back when I was playing a lot.  I spoke more in detail about this in an earlier post.

Of course in an AD&D setting I could combine these ideas and play a dwarf cleric, though a human cleric has more appeal to me.  Sometimes mixing concepts is fantastic, but sometimes I want to explore the archetype.


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