Favorite Dragon and Favorite Monster

23 Sep

It was a busy weekend so I’ll play catch-up today.

Catching up with the 30 Day D&D Challenge!

Question 21:

What is your Favorite Dragon Type?

This is another tough one, but I’ve got to go with the classic, a fire-breathing red dragon.  From Smaug to the dragon who slew Beowulf, the fire-breathing dragon is the classic breed.  Burned cities and fields are the signs of their passing and forests of ash herald their lair.  I like all the evil dragon types, the blue in particular appeals to me with its lightning breath, but the red reigns supreme.

Question 22:

What is your Favorite Monster Overall?

My favorite monster overall is going to be the undead in general.  The undead are flexible, menacing, and iconic.  You can have an army of skeletons lead by a mummy, a vampire stalking a town, or a lich menacing an entire kingdom.  If you want to build a world with only one flavor of menace, the undead would be a great choice.  And as mentioned in my earlier post, the lich is my favorite undead.


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