Favorite Character I Haven’t Played

09 Sep

Continuing the 30 Day Challenge we come to:

9. Favorite Character I Haven’t Played:

I suppose the answer to this question would be a mid-to-high level cleric.

Despite my first character being a cleric, as detailed in my How I Got Started post, I have not played many others over the years.  The whiz-bang of the magic user and the combat abilities of the paladin tended to overshadow the cleric.  And as mentioned in my first post, clerics are an odd class not easily fitting into a convenient literary niche.

However, since diving into the OSR a few things have happened to give me a renewed interest in the class.  The first is simply that because I haven’t played very many I want to go back and see what I’ve missed.  Combine that with playing retro-clones of B/X D&D where there is no paladin class and a revisiting of the cleric becomes more interesting.

The second is that I have a new interest in what a cleric is capable of beyond basic healing.  I don’t think I ever properly appreciated what clerical spells are capable of, with healing becoming something of a blinder to clerical spells the way magic missile can be for magic user spells.  This is also why I specify I’d like to play a mid-level cleric, so that I could wield magics beyond Cure Light Wounds (I won’t go so far as to say a non-healing cleric, though that would be interesting).

The third is in getting my head around what a cleric’s role is in a greater society.  A cleric is a warrior touched by the gods.  He or she is not a priest, those are devoted shepherds of their flocks but not empowered with divine magic.  The cleric should be rare, as rare or more rare than the magician, for a magic user is created through scholarship but a cleric is chosen by the gods.  They should be viewed with awe and not a little fear by the people and not found in any temple where adventurers can drop in for treatment like a hospital ER.

Looked at through this lens of mystery and a renewed interest in divine magic, clerics are on my list for future play the next time I find myself on the other side of the DM screen.


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3 responses to “Favorite Character I Haven’t Played

  1. afterdarkgaming

    September 9, 2013 at 9:28 AM

    WOW! That picture from Larry Elmore brings back memories. I remember gazing over the books and artwork for hours. I still have all 5 colored boxed sets. Red Set 1: Basic rules ,Sky Blue Set 2: Expert Rules, Darker Blue Set 3:Companion Rules, Black Set 4: Master Rules and Brown Set 5: Immortal Rules
    Ahh the memories..:-)

  2. Fractalbat

    September 9, 2013 at 10:05 AM

    That’s a great collection you’ve got! I never collected the other sets after Expert, I’d switched to AD&D. I wish I had picked them up back then.

    I was happy when they released the Rules Cyclopedia on D& and picked up the .pdf, but there’s nothing like having the actual box sets.

    Thanks for the comment!


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