Favorite Character I Have Played

08 Sep

Day Eight of the 30 Day Challenge!

Today’s question:

8. Who is your Favorite Character that you Played?

Back when I was a freshman in college we began a long running AD&D campaign.  The game started as 1st edition and eventually transformed into a 2nd Edition hybrid and we went through several long adventures, including the Curse of the Azure Bonds.  My character was a high elven thief named Nicodemus Quickblade who excelled at getting into and out of situations in unexpected fashion and keeping the dungeon master off balance.  He became a swashbuckler, a pickpocket, and a second story elf of no small skill.

Nick developed a good relationship with the other characters, who tolerated his occasional pilfering of their belongings because he usually made it his habit to return them just as they were missed.  He earned the paladin’s respect by getting so frustrated by a group of recurring rivals that he was the first to give chase whenever they appeared.  He gained notoriety by taking the group to a tavern with the express purpose of starting a bar fight, only to discover that the tavern was also the headquarters of the local thieves’ guild.  Quick talking, a good charisma score, and a hefty payment of membership dues got them out of that predicament and he went on to develop that guild into a valuable resource for the party.

Nick was the only demi-human I played long enough to hit the level cap.  Early in his career he developed the goal of founding and running his own guild, a goal he eventually accomplished.  A backstory developed for Nick where he had come from a prominent elven family and was expected to become a warrior and defend the woodlands, but he rejected his destiny and family, finding that the rooftops and alleys of the great cities were more to his liking.


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3 responses to “Favorite Character I Have Played

  1. Matt

    September 9, 2013 at 12:51 PM

    I’m surprised. I would have put my money on your anti-paladin getting chosen as your favorite character since you bring up his stories pretty frequently. I don’t remember ever hearing of this one.

  2. Fractalbat

    September 9, 2013 at 1:58 PM

    Sir Garret the Fair (secret anti-paladin of Orcus) has more outrageous stories, but Nick was my favorite. He became one of those characters where if I’d ridden the amusement park ride, got sucked into the Realms, and turned into my character, I wouldn’t have tried too hard to get home.

    I played Nick longer than Garret. He also had long term goals and achieved them, which was very satisfying. Garret had long term goals too, but of a very different nature and it’s safer for the Realms that he didn’t succeed.

    Also Nick was my character through my golden era of freshmen undergrad gaming, when we’d game for entire weekends, and my best friend played a wizard who was his partner in crime. So there are even more reasons why I have a special affinity for him.

    I liked Nick so much that when I joined the SCA I based my original name off of his, which proved to be a nightmare when I decided I wanted something I could document to my persona. There are still old SCA friends who occasionally call me Nicodemus instead of Nicholas.


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