Favorite Edition

07 Sep

Day 7 of the 30 Day Challenge from Polar Bear Dreams and Stranger Things.

Today’s question:

7. What is your Favorite Edition?

I don’t have a favorite edition, but I can narrow it down.  One of the strengths of Dungeons & Dragons has been the ability to pick-and-choose parts from different releases, allowing a DM to create a mosaic of rules that best reflects what he or she wants to convey.  With very little effort you can pull ideas from the Little Black Books all the way to a 2nd Edition Complete Handbook and strap them onto a 1st Edition AD&D game.  The explosion of the retro-clones that have come from the Old School Renaissance is a direct reflection of that versatility.

This is one of the many things lost when Dungeons & Dragons entered its 3rd Edition.  The terms were the same, but the language had changed.  3rd Edition was still recognizable as a descendant of Dungeons & Dragons, but evolved in a very different direction and no longer part of that tapestry of interchangeable rules.

Currently I’m running Lamentations of the Flame Princess, which cleaves close to Basic D&D as viewed through a weird and horror-filled lens.  It evokes the stark, grim atmosphere I want my game to have while incorporating rules tweaks that I like.  However I’ve pulled in elements from the Basic and Expert sets and make frequent use of my 1st edition AD&D books.

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