Sumer Is Icumen In!

03 Sep

Exciting news by way of the Greyhawk Grognard!

The Wicker Man is coming out in a restored edition with additional footage!  No, not that freakishly bad remake, the original cult classic suspense horror starring Sir Christopher Lee and Edward Woodward.  Even better, some lucky folks will get to see it in a real theater!  I am not that lucky, so I’ll have to wait for the DVD release.

The Wicker Man is a kind of horror that is rarely seen these days, at least in movies made in the United States.  It focuses on weirdness and suspense with a slow burn with a pacing that most audiences today would find boring.  This is not a movie you go and see on a Friday night with the gang, this is a movie you catch coming on at 1:00 AM Sunday morning, when you’re all alone, and you stay up way to late so you can watch it.  This is a movie whose ending isn’t a jump-scare that excites you, it’s one that crawls into your brain and sits there and every now and then it’ll wave at you.  Usually when you’re going to sleep, or on a long drive home, or anytime you go to hear a madrigal choir.

I used to sing in a lot of choirs.  I have a very different take on madrigals now, thanks to this movie.

If you’re looking for a creepy story and not a thrill ride, something that messes with your perceptions instead of jolting your heart, The Wicker Man is an excellent candidate.

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