Favorite Playable Race

02 Sep

Continuing the 30 Day Challenge from Polar Bear Dreams and Stranger Things we come up to:

2. Favorite Playable Race

The short answer is, I don’t have one.  Or rather, it changes constantly.  At the moment I have a major itch to play a dwarf.

I suppose that if you had to pin me down on my overall favorite I’d say “human”.  Humans in D&D have the most flexibility to pick a class, most games are set in a human-centric world, and they’re the easiest to identify with.  But I like all the playable races D&D has offered over the years.  One of the reasons I loved the often criticized (and justifiably so) Unearthed Arcana book was that it greatly expanded the list of non-human races by giving us different elven and dwarven options to try.  And try them we did.  Grey elves, wild elves, deep dwarves, and of course everyone had to try a tripple-class female drow at least once.

And we didn’t stop there, as we poured over our Dragon Magazines for other options to try, official or otherwise.  We played Thri-Kreen warriors long before official rules for it were ever published.  I remember one campaign where we all played sprites, pixies, and brownies.  It was a fun, short, gonzo game where we fought against goblins and other evil fairy folk.

But when it all comes down to basics, I greatly enjoy the main D&D races of humans, dwarves, and elves.  Though I must admit, it takes a special mood for me to pick halfling.

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